FASA 1The Cape Verdean Government will hold a Round Table on the Revolving Water and Sanitation Fund tomorrow, June 9, at Praia-mar Hotel, at 9:00 a.m. The event will be chaired by the President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Mr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

Cape Verde has always been fighting against the water issue representing one of the most significant challenges in the country. Due to its location in the Sahel area, which is characterized by extreme dryness, the country receives limited rainfall , at 230 mm average per year, and only 13% of this precipitation contributes to groundwater feeding wich has been decreasing over the years, as a consequence of the recharge deficit.

As a result, Cape Verde increasingly relies on desalinated water for consumption, 80% of the water for domestic consumption in the country is desalinated, and with a high energy cost directly impacting on the water tariff considered one of the highest in Africa.

Taking into account the commitment that the Cape Verdean partners have given to the water and sanitation sector, the Cape Verde Government holds this Round Table with the objective of presenting the vision for the sector in the new financial environment, the challenges linked to consolidating the sector reform , as well as the willingness to create the Water and Sanitation Revolving Fund as a sector funding tool for the next 20 years.

As a result of the round table, subsidies are expected to conclude key documents for the creation and institutionalization of the sectoral fund for water and sanitation, the engagement of Cape Verde's development partners in the operationalization of the sectoral revolving fund, technical assistance and training of staff working at the Fund. It is also intended to secure commitments of EUR 100 million for the leverage of the Revolving Fund in the medium and long term.

More information at the following link:Brochura FASA Fundo Rotativo

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